10 RV Step Cover Ideas You Should Check Out

The steps leading into your RV are not the most glamorous thing on your camper. They are almost certainly NOT why you chose it. They are just there, utilitarian things that help you get in and out of your camper. So whether or not they look good is probably not something you’ve ever given much thought to.

But how about how safe they are?

Most RV steps are not necessarily the safest things. Most are made of metal and have little holes for drainage in them, and that’s about it. But metal gets very slippery when wet or muddy, or when the person using their feet are wet or muddy, and slippery steps lead to falls. Which is a bad thing. Which is just one of the reasons that, if your camper does not have them it’s probably time to consider investing in some RV step covers.

Why Add Step Covers To An RV?

Installing RV step covers can make them a lot safer. And safe is good, especially if you have young kids camping with you or Grandma or Grandpa have come along for the trip. However, there are a couple of other reasons to do so too.

Do you camp with your pup? Have you ever seen a dog get his nail caught in one of those little holes in an RV step? We have and it wasn’t pretty and very painful for the dog. RV steps can prevent that from happening.

Here’s another question: how much of your time do you like spending cleaning your RV when you are on vacation?

Installing step covers helps, in many cases, to keep out a lot of the dirt and debris that people track in on their shoes. Less of that means less time spent sweeping and vacuuming and more time enjoying yourself. If you have carpeting in your RV it will help that last longer too and even keep everyone healthier as well.

Finally, there is an aesthetic element. Metal is tough and durable, but it could not, at least in the case of RV steps, be called pretty. Adding certain types of RV step cover can change that and considering they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install why not make your ‘home away from home’ a little nicer looking?

Buying Tips

So, we’ve convinced you to consider adding step covers to your RV. Great, the first part of our job here is done. Now onto the trickier part: helping you buy the right kind for your RV and the way you use it.

As you start shopping for RV step covers, you’ll quickly discover that there are more options available than you might expect. For something that’s so simple there are a growing number of them out there.

Here are some of the things to consider as you shop:


RV step cover come in two basic types: hooked attachment and zipped attachment. Both are very easy to assemble and rarely call for any tools other than hands. The hooked versions can be a little trickier but when choosing between the two options it is usually a secondary consideration.


RV steps come in different sizes, and therefore so do RV step covers. The sizing is fairly standardized, but you will need to get down and measure your RV steps before you start shopping. A quick hint here. If you measure in inches convert that measurement to centimetres as well as some RV step covers are sold by measurements stated in metric rather than imperial and it will save you time later.

Material Type

This is probably the biggest consideration people need to weight up when purchasing RV step covers.

The one thing you do want for sure is something that’s durable. The steps leading to a camper usually see a lot of foot traffic over the course of an RV’ing season, so you need something that’s going to be able to stand up to that.

You may also want to look for a RV step cover material that’s specifically designed to act as tough little doormats, so that, as we mentioned earlier, more of that dirt and debris is kept out of your clean and comfy RV.


You’ll find RV step covers at all kinds of different price points. But don’t let price be your only guide. Just because a set of RV steps is expensive when compared with others does not always mean it’s better, you may be paying for the brand name or a pretty pattern.

Conversely cheap does not always mean bad.

There are some excellent RV step cover options available that are also very reasonably priced. Often where you shop can make a significant difference in terms of price too.

In many cases shopping online may be cheaper than shopping in a specialized bricks and mortar camping store, if the shipping cost does not add too much to your total.

Best RV Step Covers On The Market

Need a little RV step shopping inspiration? We can help there too.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best choices out there right now that we found when we undertook a little RV step shopping.

1. Safety Step Sand Away

SAFETY STEP SA08-00 Sand Away Step Rug Charcoal

A very popular choice these doormat like safety steps attach in minutes with long zip ties and do a great job of getting mud and debris off your shoes while helping ensure that the less sure footed among us don’t fall. To see more specs on the Safety Step Sand Away, visit the Amazon product page.

2. Prest-o-Fit Wraparound

Prest-O-Fit 2-0041 Wraparound Step Rugs, 18' - Brown

Looking for spring fitted RV step cover that installs fast? These are a great choice and they are available in a number of different colors so you can better match them to the rest of your rig. To see more product info about the Prest-O-Fit Wraparound Step Covers, see the product page on Amazon.

3. Prest-o-Fit Outrigger

Prest-O-Fit 2-0314 Outrigger RV Step Rug Black Onyx 18 In. Wide

We love the sleek, ribbed look of these easy to fit RV steps and the fact that they are crafted to be UV resistant is a big plus if you go camping in sunny spots often. We also love the muted and sophisticated colorways they are available in. To see more information about the Prest-O-Fit Outrigger Camper Step Covers, see the Amazon product page.

4. Camco Wraparound

Camco Wrap Around RV Step Rug - For Manual & Electric RV Steps - Fits 18' Wide Steps - Weather-Resistant - Gray (42925)

If you have very wide RV steps then finding RV step covers can be a challenge. These spring-loaded wraparounds are available in a larger size though and they are very durable too, with some reviewers reporting that they last for years and still look good. To see more on the Camco Wraparound RV Step Rug, visit the Amazon product page.

5. Prest-o-Fit Decorian Step Huggers

Prest-O-Fit 5-0070 Decorian Step Huggers For RV Stairs Black Granite 13.5 In. x 23.5 In.

If you want RV step covers that are not only very easy to install but that can be removed if needed, then these snap to fit ‘step huggers’ might be an excellent choice.  To learn more about the Prest-O-Fit Decorian Step Huggers for RV stairs, see the Amazon product page.

6. Aucuda Wraparound

Aucuda RV Step Covers, Slip Prevention Steps Rug for RV Steps, Wrap Around Stair Carpet for Manual&Auto Camper Ladders, Travel Trailers Treads, Tough RV Step Mat Easy Install (2 Pack 23''Wide Brown)

If a plusher, more carpet type look appeals to you then these are an excellent choice, with the added bonus that the carpet is backed by a durable, weather resistant foam that helps make them very durable as well.  To learn more about Aucuda Wrap Around Camper RV Step Rug – Step Carpet, visit the Amazon product page.

7. Camco Premium Wraparound

Camco 42905 Blue Premium Wrap Around RV Step Rug (100% Polyester (17.5' x 18'))

These RV step covers are UV, mold and mildew resistant – great if you swim a lot and lots of wet bare feet are clambering in and out of the rig – and can be handwashed and line dried if needed without losing their shape. Get more product info on the Camco Premium Wrap Around RV Step Rug on the Amazon product page.

8. Safety Step Sand Away Step Rug

Safety Step SA11-00 Sand Away Step Rug Charcoal

A more decorative, rug like version of the Safety Step covers we listed earlier, these are also available in larger sizes, to accommodate RVs that boast wider steps. To see more about Safety Step  Sand Away Step Rug, visit the Amazon product page

9. Prest-O-Fit Ruggids

Prest-O-Fit 2-0420 Ruggids RV Step Rug Black Granite 23 In. Wide 19 - Inch X 23 - Inch

What stands out about these step covers is their deep, deep treads, making them an excellent choice for hunters, hikers and other camping enthusiasts who tend to get muddy a lot! To learn more about the Prest-o-Fit Ruggids RV Step Rug, go the Amazon product page.

And this manufacturer video shows you how easy they are to install.

10. Prest-O-Fit Wraparound Radius

Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 Wraparound Radius RV Step Rug Black 22 In. Wide

These covers look like rather luxurious carpet but can be hosed off and air dried when they need to be cleaned, no trip to the washing machine required or even the need for a sponge! To see more information about the Prest-O-Fit Wraparound Radius RV Step Rug, see the Amazon product page.

RV Step Rug, No More Dirt

Now that you have all these amazing options to choose from, the steps leading into your RV shouldn’t be a headache for you anymore. Whether you want them to stop dirt and grit at the door, keep debris out of your RV,  or just for the aesthetics, you now have lots of options to choose from.

Leave me a comment and let us know what RV step covers have worked the best for your RV?

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