23 RV Interior Remodeling, Paint & Decor Ideas

In the world of home decor a full scale renovation is a last resort for most people, as smaller cosmetic changes can really have an impact. Ask any interior designer, decorator or even home staging professional, and they will all agree: painting can be one of the single most effective ways to upgrade your home fast. Including if that home is an RV.

So, if you are bored, or frustrated with your RV’s current interior decor painting may be the way to go. Here we are going to offer some great inspirations for an RV painting project, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the project done the right way.

A white RV interior minimalist decor ideas

23 RV Remodeling Paint and Décor Ideas

Just because you are working in a smaller environment does not mean your interior decorating options are limited. The best home decor – or in this case RV decor – is that which reflects the owner’s personal style and decor tastes. Spending time in an interior like that is more enjoyable, and hosting guests is better too.

Here are just a few ideas and examples of paint based RV home decor transformations to inspire your RV painting project.


Nailing down just what rustic means in terms of home decor isn’t easy, as it means different things to different people. The one thing it always is however, is warm and welcoming, whether you choose to go with a traditional cabin look, a cottage style, a modern rustic look or something in between.

This is a Montana 5th Wheel 307RKD, here the RV’s owner has taken inspiration from farmhouse style decor – the woven rafia pendant light, lots of plants, the added rustic beams (special walnut), luxury vinyl plank floor, farmhouse stripped pillows, antique vanity vintage lights – and made it fit a modern, bright white paint that opens the space up and makes it feel light an airy.

In the image below a different approach to rustic sees faux wood paneling paired with a similar bright white paint job to create a cozy cottage feel that adds warmth and charm to a standard RV interior.

Taking the modern country look one step further, here the same bright white paint is broken up by brightly painted cabinetry in a fetching shade of blue – yes you can paint RV kitchen cabinets too, and we’ll explain how later – and accented with a vinyl herringbone flooring (from Lowe’s) and a cheery check fabric that completes the modern rustic farmhouse look.


Some people complain that the majority of RV interiors look dated, but this is something a few cans of paint – and some imagination – can solve in lots of different ways, bringing your RV interior right up to date.

In this example a cream tinged paint job, complemented by light, monochromatic fabrics like these Boho decor cushions, and simple furniture creates a modern, almost spring like vibe that would set the stage for any RV vacation perfectly.


This example makes use of bright white gloss paint and furniture with clean, basic lines to create a minimalist look that would look great no matter what the time of year. Great use of texture – the wicker basket, the plush rug, the unusual light fixtures – gives this example of a modern RV living room even more personality.

Monochrome does not always mean sticking with a stark black and white color scheme. An extensive use of gray in this example – right down to this very popular flooring – creates a look that is modern, subtle and very chic.

RV Dining Area Design Ideas

The dining area in any RV is also at the heart of social activities in the space, meaning that this is another prime spot for painting and redecoration to really make it your own.

In this example plank style white walls are accented by faux wood and mid-century modern inspired furnishings to create a dining nook that is as stylish as it is cozy.

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Black and white dominates this RV dining room look too, with clever use of darker shades for the trimwork and some very diner inspired furniture.

RV dining rooms do not have to simply be black and white affairs. Here a warm peach and cream color scheme adds style and a very cozy vibe. We also love the wicker topped stools and kitchen island butcher block!

Sometimes the flooring can stand out as the star. This fun black and white tiling is actually a stick on offering, and, against the bright white backdrop it creates a striking vibe in what is really a very small dining space.

RV Kitchen Inspirations

Your RV’s kitchen may be tiny compared to the one at home, but that does not mean it can’t boast a lot of style. 

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Here a faux brick finish on the walls – and the addition of very much on trend barn doors – creates a modern rustic look that is as clean and simple as it is timeless. 

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Dark olive painted kitchen cabinets and a cute tile inspired pattern on the walls make this RV kitchen a real standout without going over the top. Tiles are by Tic Tac Tiles in Hexa Mono White and the cost for tiling this RV kitchen was $114 according to Kelsey Cahill, RV owner.  

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The green paint color is Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams.

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Painting your RV kitchen cabinets can have such a massive impact on your rig’s decor overall, as this darker green look demonstrates perfectly.

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More brightly painted RV cabinetry, this time in a dark royal blur that adds sophisticated style and modern rustic vibe.

Bright green can be a scary color in home decor, but here, against a wood heavy backdrop, it works perfectly.

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Pastel colors, cleverly painted cabinetry and lots of little decor touches make this whimsically decorated RV kitchen a real winner.

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This wonderful before and after shot offers a powerful real life example of what an impact painting your RV cabinets can make, and at a very low cost, which is even better!

There are no rules when it comes to RV painting and interior decor? Love unusual things like skulls and florals? They can be made to work wonderfully as surprisingly stylish RV kitchen decor, as this example demonstrates!

This teeny, tiny RV kitchen has been painted and decorated in such a way it looks far more spacious, and the whole look screams easy, breezy summer living.

RV Bathroom Design Ideas

Most RV bathrooms are very small, but a makeover with paint and complementary decor pieces can make them a pleasure to use.

Here a very simple white and gray color scheme adds light and depth and would work well with almost any RV decor scheme.

Here a very simple white and gray color scheme adds light and depth and would work well with almost any RV decor scheme.

It’s not just RV kitchen cabinets that can benefit from a nice new paint job, it can work wonders in the bathroom too!

Here’s another great before and after shot that showcases the power of paint on RV cabinetry. 

RV Bedroom Design Ideas

The RV bedroom is a very important part of any trailer, and, with paint and imagination you can make it every bit as charming and relaxing as your sleep space at home.

A mix of natural wood and white paint combined with neutral-colored curtains, rugs, accent pillows and throw and a few baskets for extra storage add tons of personality and style to this master RV bedroom.

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Black  and white dominates this minimalist RV/Camper/5th wheel master bedroom with just the right amount of accent pieces – industrial wall sconces matte black light fixtures, green pot plants and black curtains.

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Love the clean white rustic look? Bright white walls and buffalo bedding with a splash of faux greenery used at the window add a simple and clean look we love!

How To Paint RV Walls

Painting will always be one of the most economical, fast and easy ways to transform your home, and that is as true for an RV than for a house or apartment. RV owners do tend to be nervous about painting RV walls however, as there are so many horror stories out there.

Paint that would not adhere to vinyl surfaces, paint that came out lumpy and bumpy, paint that would not dry and much more. Is painting RV walls really that hard?

The answer is no, if you go about doing so the right ways. Cut corners, choose the wrong paint or try to rush the job, and you may very well end up with terrible – even disastrous – results. Slow down and keep the following tips in mind, and you should be fine, while ending up with the delightfully refreshed RV interior you are hoping for.


Many of the RV painting horror stories come about because those relaying them did not take the time to prep their RV walls before slapping paint on, which will often lead to uneven, sloppy looking and even very temporary results.

Unless your RV is brand new, the chances are some of the walls are lumpy, so a light sanding may be called for before you do anything else.

To avoid damaging them – or sanding right through to the exterior of your RV – make use of a fine grit sandpaper – 220 is ideal – and if you are going to use a sander rather than doing things by hand keep it on a low setting. Alternatively, use liquid sand and then lightly sand all the parts with the most wear and tear.

After sanding, fill any holes you encounter with a wood filler, sanding over that when dry to ensure everything is even.

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After any glue is dry, and your RV walls are nice and smooth wash them down with a gentle detergent mix (simple warm water and dish soap is fine), TSP or mineral spirits to remove dust.  Dry the walls immediately with lint free cloths to avoid streaking.


Another very important step many people miss when painting their RV’s walls is applying a good primer.

RV walls are not sheet rock, like those in your home – and paint, even the expensive stuff – will not adhere well to the vinyl walls that most RVs have without some help from a ‘gripping primer’. In terms of product choice, KILZ Adhesion Primer (water-based) is an excellent option, as is Zinsser Cover Stain (oil-based primer).

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Paint on the primer slowly, evenly and carefully. You can make use of a paint roller, a pint brush or even a paint sprayer if you know how to handle one. Make sure that before you begin you have ensured there is plenty of ventilation (open all the windows) and that any furnishings nearby are covered to protect them from primer and paint splashes that may be hard to remove.


After ensuring that the primer is completely dry – waiting 24 hours is a good idea – you can begin painting your RV walls for real. Work quickly and evenly but watch out for mistakes and try to fix them as you go, as wet paint is easier to work with than dry. Use an angled brush for cutting in corners and cracks and paint roller and tray for the flat areas.

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In terms of which paint you use, as long as you have primed the walls properly the options are almost limitless. For practical reasons, washable paint is often better in an RV especially if you have kids or pets, but color, finish and brand are all up to you.

How To Paint RV Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling RV Kitchen Interior Ideas

If the kitchen cabinets in your RV have seen better days – or you really just don’t love the way they look – a coat of paint can work wonders for them too.

Many of the tips for painting RV walls apply here too, but there are some special considerations to keep in mind when giving your RV kitchen cabinets a facelift with paint:


Remove all cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware such as hinges before you start painting. When these items are not in and/or attached to your RV kitchen cabinets, they are much easier to paint properly, making painting the actual cabinets a lot easier.

Consider moving the doors and cabinets to a large space, such as a garage, where you can set up your painting workshop and finish the job with lots of room to move. If you have the space, lay out and work on all of the cabinets and drawers at once, but if you don’t, work in batches or one at a time.

Make sure you have a flat surface where you can store the kitchen cabinet doors while you work on them. A garage floor with painter’s triangles or multiple sawhorses is an ideal option. Also, make sure that any items that come out of your cabinets are labeled, as this will make life a lot easier when you come to start putting everything back together.


Not all RV kitchen cabinets will need sanding, but if they are older, dented, or you will be painting over a dark color it is probably a good idea. Again, use a fine grit sandpaper and work slowly and steadily, to avoid causing lasting damage. However, you may need to also use a paint stripper if you have lots of paint or clear sealer on cabinets(this one is my favorite).


Your RV kitchen cabinets may or may not need sanding, but they will need cleaning. Kitchen cabinets get stained and grimy whatever you do, but they will need to be squeaky clean before you paint them.

To achieve this, tackle any stubborn staining with a Magic Eraser type sponge and then wash all the cabinets – and all the extra ‘bits’ – with a gentle soap mixture and pat them dry with a lint free cloth.


It’s finally time to get some paint on your kitchen cabinets. When possible, use a roller on the doors, drawers, and cabinet frames to avoid brush strokes. Even better, if you have access to a paint spray gun and know how to use it, try that. And yes, once again, use a primer first.

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For any molding on cabinet doors or around the frames, a small brush may be required. If you use too much paint, you’ll end up with drips, so go slowly and wipe away any unwanted paint right away.

Wait until the first coat is dry before adding a second.

Reapply hardware and consider using felt pads on cabinet doors to avoid banging and chipping paint once all of the paint is dry.

Then, take a step back and take it all in, making sure to touch up any areas that need it.

Happy Remodeling!


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