20+ RV Gadgets That Every RV Needs

20+ RV Gadgets That Every RV Needs

Traveling the country in your RV is one of life’s greatest pleasures and for those who prefer to get outdoors but like to take the comforts of home with them, it’s a far better option than camping.

Having an RV means you’ve got plenty of space to take along all kinds of gadgets and accessories that make the journey more enjoyable and there are so many out there to choose from.

What are the best RV gadgets that no motor home should be without? In addition to the standard supplies you need to get by when you’re traveling in an RV, there are plenty of extras like solar bug zappers, Bluetooth sound systems, and camping hammocks that can make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before.

We’ve compiled a list of over 20 RV gadgets that can bring comfort, entertainment, and efficiency to your RV.

Some are just for fun and others are for practical use, but there are so many innovative products out there made for the RV traveler that you’ve got no shortage of options to choose from.

#1: Electric Fly Swatter

Fly Swatters

Flies are a natural part of being anywhere in the outdoors but to get rid of them faster you can try an electric fly swatter.

These gadgets are perfect for RV travel because they’re battery operated and reduce the need for harmful bug sprays in the vehicle or around your kids.

An electric fly swatter gives a small electric shock to whatever it touches to kill them instantly. They work on all kinds of insects like flies, mosquitoes, and wasps, but it’s not powerful enough to do harm to any humans who use them.

#2: Solar Oven


There’s no need to be without an oven when you’re traveling in RV thanks to the wonderful invention of solar power.

Solar ovens are totally portable and come in many sizes, with everything from cookers, grills, and stoves available.

They save you from using electricity and can easily charge up through the day for a nice feast at night.

Having another method of cooking other than a fire pit or microwave opens up a world of possibility for the food you can make in your RV and they won’t waste any energy doing so.

#3: Reverse Camera

Reverse Cameras

Driving an RV takes a lot of skill and it can be especially hard when you have to reverse out of campsites or into small spaces.

A reversing camera gives you a live feed of what’s happening behind you and sends it to a screen on the dashboard, so you never have to second guess your reversing skills.

They install quickly and easily onto your RV and you can remove them when you’re driving if you’d rather not keep it attached.

#4: Folding Table

Folding Tables

It might not be the most high tech gadget but it’s one that no RV should be without.

A folding table can be used for just about anything including a game of cards, working on your laptop, or preparing dinner for the evening.

They fold up to basically nothing and take seconds to set up whenever you need them.

Some come with extra features like cup holders and non-slip surfaces or you can go with a completely basic model that still gets the job done.

#5: WiFi Booster

WiFi Boosters

Getting a good wireless signal can be hard in some parts of the country so investing in a WiFi booster is a must.

These devices boost the existing wireless signal to make them stronger and faster, so there’ll be no more lagging or missing out on using the internet in your RV.

A WiFi booster can even be used in conjunction with your cellphone to boost the hotspot and give the signal more strength when there’s no public access around, so they’re extra handy.

#6: Hammock

Hammock for RVs

Even though you probably have a comfortable bed inside your RV, having a hammock that you can enjoy outside is essential.

A camping hammock can be set up in minutes and it attaches to just about anything, so you’ll always have somewhere relaxing to lay your head no matter where you pull up.

Reading, napping, or relaxing is a lot more enjoyable when you’re swaying in a hammock and feeling the breeze of the outdoors, and if you’re feeling adventurous you might even sleep there for the night.

#7: Satellite Antenna

Satellite Antennas

A good satellite antenna and provider will give you hours of entertainment in your RV, and it’s one little piece of tech that can make a huge difference.

Having access to satellite TV helps you keep in touch with the world and also means you can watch movies or your favorite programs while you’re on the road and looking for a way to fight off the boredom.

Make sure you choose a satellite TV provider to go with your antenna, otherwise it won’t be much use to you on its own.

#8: Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkie

Walkie talkies are the ideal way to communicate with others you’re traveling with in your RV and they’re fun for people of all ages to use.

Their signals are strong, they have good battery life, and they’re easy enough to operate even for those without a lot of tech knowledge.

A set of walkie talkies is a must have for your RV and you can take one with you whenever you leave the vehicle so you’re always in reach.

Look for one with a decent transmission range to ensure they’ll work in the outdoors.

#9: Quake Hold Putty


Most people avoid adorning their RV with any knick-knacks or décor accessories because of the sometimes rough conditions that occur when you’re driving on the road.

The invention of quake hold putty might not have been designed for this use, but it is amazing for RVs to keep all of your possessions in place even on the bumpiest of roads.

This stuff is super adhesive and designed to keep fragile or important items held down in an earthquake, so you can drive around in your RV without worrying if the flower vase or hanging pictures are going to fall down.

#10: Shower Squeegee

Shower Squeegees

An RV is home to a lot of moisture because of the lack of natural air flow that goes through it.

The result of their design means that some parts will require more regular cleaning because of a build-up of moisture.

The shower in your RV is one of these places but the simple addition of a shower squeegee can make it a lot easier to maintain.

Whenever you’re done, just give it a quick wipe down with the squeegee and slow the growth of mold and grime that usually arrives pretty fast in an RV.

#11: Propane Firepit

Fire Pits

When you’re traveling in your RV, you’ll notice that many of the campsites you stop at don’t allow you to use a firepit so you have to suffer without.

One solution to this is to carry a propane firepit with you as they’re usually the preferred option and not banned at most sites.

With a small firepit of your own that’s totally portable you can set up a campfire anywhere without having to miss out on any of the fun outdoors, and you won’t end up smelling like smoke for days on end afterward.

#12: Solar Powered Bug Zapper

Solar Powered Bug Zappers

Bugs are all part of the RV experience, and one way to keep them at bay is with a solar powered bug zapper that works on everything from mosquitoes to wasps.

You don’t want anything disturbing your sleep.

These set up easily and do the work for you, making an energy efficient alternative to standard zappers and a lot quieter to run as well.

You can charge them in the sun outside and then let them get to work at night, or simply leave them running at all times because there’s no fear of them eating up too much electricity.

#13: Leveling Blocks

Leveling Block

Having a set of leveling blocks for your RV might not sound like the coolest gadget but it’s one that will come in handy so many times throughout your travels.

If you’ve ever had to suffer on an uneven surface that completely threw out the balance of your motor home you’ll know why they’re so important, and they couldn’t be easier to use.

With a set of blocks, it takes just one attempt to get your balance and it means you can set up camp virtually anywhere.

#14: Dehumidifier


The moisture levels in an RV are no joke so to take the humidity out and make conditions more comfortable you can add an RV humidifier to the vehicle.

RV designed humidifiers are small but powerful and don’t chew up a lot of energy, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be equipped with one.

Regardless of the climate you’re in you’ll probably notice a large amount of moisture trapped inside your camper and this is the easiest and most efficient way to get rid of it.

#15: Portable Gazebo

Portable Gazebos

Even though you’re traveling in a motor home, you’ll find that most places you pull up to have outdoor areas that are too good to miss.

Pack up a portable gazebo in your RV and you can enjoy the outdoors wherever you go, and have another home away from home whenever you need to get out of the RV and have a break.

Portable gazebos are made for camping so they’re already lightweight and store away easily, making them an RV owner’s dream.

#16: Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines

Coffee is one of life’s greatest pleasures but just because you’re traveling and living in an RV it doesn’t mean you have to slum it with an instant alternative.

Investing in a small espresso machine or programmable coffee maker is a must-have for RV travel and it’s one of life’s luxuries that you don’t have to be without.

Espresso machines take seconds to work, produce barista quality drinks and will give you something to look forward to every morning as you sip a fresh, hot coffee and take in the local scenery.

#17: Portable Waste Tank

Portable Waste Tanks

A waste tank might not be the most fun gadget to discuss when it comes to your RV but choosing the right one is imperative.

The best portable waste tank is one that cleans easily, is portable, and isn’t hard to drain, so spending some time selecting the right one will be worth it.

A portable waste tank is a must-have for an RV no matter how often you travel with it, and the modern options available make them easier to use than ever before.

#18: Cell Signal Booster

Cell Signal Boosters

Taking your cell phone in your recreational vehicle is something that most of us do, but the varying signal quality when we’re traveling can make them hard to rely on.

A cell signal booster is a simple device that works similarly to a wifi booster, in that it boosts weak 3G and 4G signals that already exist.

While it can’t create a cell signal from thin air it will give you enough to work with even in the backcountry, so every RV should be equipped with one.

#19: Instant Pot

Instant Pots

The Instant Pot has been a revolution for the cooking world but the one group of people who can benefit most from this kitchen accessory has to be RV owners.

With an instant pot, you reduce the cooking time by up to 70%, use less energy doing so, and have an easy way to cook food, store it, and serve it all in the one pot.

These can be lifesavers when you’re on the road in an RV and only want to prepare a meal every few days, but don’t want to rely on bland or unhealthy prepackaged foods.

#20: Bluetooth Speaker System

Bluetooth Speaker Systems

Music makes just about everything better, and when you’re traveling around in your RV you’ll certainly want to hear some.

There are plenty of RV specific Bluetooth speaker systems on the market that are made just for these special motor homes and adding one to your setup will be the best thing you ever did.

Whether you want relaxing tunes for driving or setting the mood when you pull up to camp, nobody should ever be without the joy of music and the portability and convenience of Bluetooth speakers is how to get it.

#21: Large Cutting Board

Large Cutting Boards

This gadget isn’t very high tech and it might seem a little boring, but having access to a large cutting board in your RV will save you in more ways than you realize.

Besides the obvious benefit of giving you somewhere stable to chop vegetables or prepare dinner, you can also use it to rest hot pots and pans or put it on top of cool burners or the sink to give yourself extra bench space that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

#22: Fridge Bar

Fridge Bar RV

Most RV owners know the pain of opening their fridge up after a long journey and having a bunch of broken or spilled items fall out everywhere.

The gadget that can prevent this from ever happening again is a double bar that can be fitted to the appliance to keep everything in place.

These devices are spring loaded and can be installed inside of the fridge to hold all of the items on the shelf so that there’ll be no nasty surprises when you go to grab a drink after a long drive.

Related Questions

Owning an RV opens up a world of possibilities for where you can go and what you can see, but knowing what to pack in yours takes some planning.

These are some commonly asked questions about RV travel that can point you in the right direction so you know about the essentials.

What Toilet Paper Does an RV Use?

Toilet RVs

An RV has a very sensitive waste system in place and so you need to purchase specialty RV toilet paper to ensure it doesn’t create problems.

RV toilet paper is quick dissolving to prevent clogging and should only ever be used in your motorhome.

Do You Need to Keep Your RV Grey Tank Open?

Leaving the grey tank open can cause odors to come up through it, but closing it requires constant supervision of the water levels in the tank to find out when it needs to be dumped.

Depending on which approach you want to take for your RV and the facilities that are available at your campsite, either one might be a more suitable option.

Does an RV Have Electricity?

Recreational vehicles have electrical systems just like a regular home that allow you to run appliances through them, with some limits of how much they generate.

However, most RV owners use designated campsites that have access to electricity to save from using too much power in their vehicle.

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