How Much Do RV Parks Cost?

Going on an RV adventure is something that many people want to experience. For some people it is the chance to explore scenic areas while still having the main comforts of home that make the RV the perfect choice for going on an adventure.

If you are about to go on a mini-vacation or you are planning an ongoing full time adventure, there will be expenses to consider. There are some costs that you can adjust for based on what you use and what you need, one cost that you are going to encounter during any type of RV trip big or small is the RV park costs. For those who plan to go at this full time, the cost of living in an RV park can add up quite quickly.

When considering how much RV parks cost, it is important to remember things such as availability, amenities and location. These all can impact the amount of money that you will have to pay. Even with this in mind, there are some average amounts that you can expect to work with so that you can plan your budget.

Campground Places to Park an RV
Black Rock Campground in Joshua Tree National Park , Yucca Valley, CA

So, how much do RV parks cost? With the many variables involved, there is not a consistent answer to the average cost of an RV park. However, when you compare prices throughout the country, the cost averages out to about $29 per night. It can be as high as $60 or more and as low as $10.

How Much Are RV Parks?

Often the term public campground is used interchangeably with RV parks. However, RV parks technically refer to a privately owned area. The pleasant aspect of these private parks is that they have the hookups that are necessary for an RV. This will save you the hassle of using your generator.

Since an RV park has more amenities than a public campground, the cost is going to be a bit higher than average, usually around $39 per night. Public campgrounds often have RV hookups, but this is not guaranteed. When comparing costs throughout the country, public campgrounds will typically charge about $22 per night.

Here are some of the national parks and the cost for RV camping per night:

Can You Live in an RV Park?

Some people have a strong love of the RV lifestyle and they decide that they prefer to live in their RV throughout the year. If you have wondered whether or not full time RV living is for you, one of the questions that you likely have is whether or not you can live in an RV park.

The first thing that you need to consider is that there are parts of the United States and Canada that simply do not keep RV parks open all year. Additionally, there are some state laws and park laws in place that do not allow living in your RV all year. However, this does not mean that you have to give up on living in your RV all year long.

With a bit of research you will find that it is possible to live in your RV 365 days a year. Some RV parks allow you to keep your RV in place for an entire year at a discounted rate. In the sunbelt states, there are several RV parks that allow year round living.

How Much Does It Cost To Park an RV Long Term?

When it comes to staying in an RV park long term, the amount of time that you choose to spend there will have an impact on how much you spend.

Nightly prices can range anywhere from $20 to $100. However, if you choose to stay for a week, the average price will be from $250 to $750. 

Monthly rates range from $500 up to $2000. Annual rates can be anywhere from as low as $3600 all the way up to $20000.

A good rule of thumb is that the longer that you choose to stay in one place, the better price you are going to be able to negotiate. Most of the parks will offer huge discounts for a longer stay.

Some of the other factors that will be considered when it comes to how much it will cost to stay at a park long term include the type and size of RV that you own and the location that you are wanting to stay in. Seasons can raise and lower prices as well. 

For example, if you want to stay in a Florida campground during the winter months, it is going to cost you more than it would to stay there in the summer. The reason for this is simple supply and demand.

The amenities that are offered by the park will also determine how much you will pay for a long term rate.

Why are RV parks so expensive?

Areas of the country that are popular destinations receive many thousands of visitors a year. The campground and park financial needs grow because of an increase in cost for maintenance and damage caused by natural disasters.

When considering the cost of an RV park it is important to think about all of the items that you are receiving when you stay at one of these places. The electric costs alone are quite high, not to mention water and other utilities such as trash removal, sewage, security and employee wages.

In addition, all of the other amenities that the park offers costs money to keep maintained as well. The more amenities that a campground has, the higher the cost is going to be.

Of course, private campgrounds are not subsidized with federal, state or county dollars.

Where Can I Park My Motorhome for Free?

If you are on the road and trying to determine where you might be able to sneak in a free night of camping, there are some options. 

The seven places that you can likely park your motorhome for free include churches, schools, car repair shops, Walmart & Costco stores, truck stops, casinos, and rest areas.

You might also ask a friend or family member if you can park in their yard for a night or two if they live nearby. It is important to make sure that you do not just park your RV on the street in a random neighborhood as this is likely going to end up with you talking to the police at some point.

If you are in a small town you might find a fairground, city or county park that you can use to park your camper in for a night or two.

Always make sure that you ask the management or owner of the property before you decide to stay in one of these areas.

What makes a Good Campground/RV Park?

When choosing a good campground or RV park, there are several things that you will want to consider. First, you want to choose a place that has sites that are big enough to accommodate your RV. Additionally, remember that not all parks have a 50 amp shore connection for power, so if this is what you need, make sure the park you are considering offers this.

If you are traveling with children or pets it is a good idea to find a campground or RV park that offers playgrounds and other recreation areas that are kid friendly. Many parks have restrictions regarding pets, so make sure that you can bring your family pet into the park with you.

Amenities are truly what make a good park. You want to consider the amenities that you want and the ones that you need. If you are working from your motorhome, Wi-Fi is needed.

Are you staying for a long time? If so, onsite laundry facilities are nice. Pools, bathhouses, cable, satellite, engaging activities, a sense of community, and more are all things that you should think about when you are looking for a good campground to stay in. You want to make sure that you are going to have plenty of entertainment while you are there.

When you are looking for a good campground, one of the best things that you can do is to read reviews about the area. This will help you learn more about the area and what is offered.

Reading about other people’s experiences when they stayed at the park is a great way to know what you are possibly going to encounter when you arrive. Taking the time to thoroughly go through all that is offered and what others thought about it is important.


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