5 Best RV Washer And Dryer Combos

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RV-ers do everything just a little bit differently — and the laundry is no exception! Some RV-ers routinely turn to various RV laundry solutions from to laundromats or washers and dryers found at truck stops to take care of their dirty clothes and bedding, while others wash their laundry by hand and, climate permitting, line dry it outside. If you want to make life considerably easier, however, investing in an RV washer and dryer is a must.

The best RV washer and dryer units on the market today include:

  1. Splendide Portable Vented Combo Washer/Dryer
  2. Barton Portable Washer & Spin Dry Combo
  3. Equator Stackable Washer & Dryer Set 
  4. KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine
  5. LG Ventless Washer Dryer Combination

The best RV washer and dryer for you, however, depends on your unique needs. Read on to discover which washer and dryer combinations allow you to do your laundry conveniently, without robbing you of too much valuable RV space — and to find out what to pay attention to as you shop for an RV washer and dryer.

Luxurious RV bedroom interior with a washer and dryer combo in closet in bedroom

Our Reviews Of The Best RV Washer and Dryer Combos


Splendide WD2100XC Portable Vented Combo Washer/Dryer

Editor's Choice

Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer

Splendide is the most popular RV washer dryer brand, and this particular Splendide vented combo washer/dryer packs an impressive number of features into its compact housing! This RV washer/dryer weighs 145 lbs and has dimensions of 33-1/8″ x 23-1/2 x 22-5/8″. It can hold a laundry load of 15 lbs and a dryer load of 11. Best of all, this RV washer/dryer combo features anti-noise tech that will allow you to go about your day in peace, a water-saving function, and a self-cleaning filter.


Barton X9980 Portable Washer & Spin Dry Combo

Barton Portable Compact Washer & Spin Dry Cycle Timer Top Load Washing Machine w/Built in Drain Pump

RV-ers in search of a portable vented washer and dryer combo can’t go wrong with Barton’s portable twin tub washer and dryer combo. Much-loved in the RV community, this portable washer/dryer combo performs well on all essential fronts — it cleans well, is extremely compact at 31 x 16 x 25″ (and 32 lbs), and has proven to be rather durable.


Equator Stackable Washer & Dryer Set (EW824N+ ED850)

Equator Stackable Laundry Center with Front Load Washer and Dryer Unit Including Customizable Cycles, Quiet Mode, and 180-Degree Swinging Doors White

Looking for a full-size stackable set for a larger RV? This Equator Stackable washer and dryer set is a favorite among small apartment dwellers, but it’s also packed full of goodies that make it highly appealing to RV-ers. With a capacity of 13 lbs, you’ll be able to wash one load while another is in the dryer. This is the set for you if you’re after a powerful spin speed (1200 RPM!), want your stackable washer and dryer set to use water efficiently, and would appreciate the special winterizing feature for RVs.


KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine 26lbs Capacity

KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine 26lbs Capacity, Washer(18lbs)&Spiner(8lbs)/Built-in Drain Pump/Semi-Automatic (White&Gray)

A compact stackable unit with an amazing capacity of 26 lbs, this KUPPET twin tub mini washing machine and spin dryer is perfect for smaller RVs. With dimensions of 27.4 x 16.1 x 31.9 inches, it’ll fit almost anywhere.


Winegard ConnecT 2.0 WF2

LG WM3997HWA Ventless 4.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity Steam Washer/Dryer Combination with TurboWash, TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System, NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum, Allergiene Cycle in White

Best for full-time RV-ers who consistently want to be able to do their laundry in peace — and quiet, because this LG ventless washer and dryer combo was designed with an innovative anti-vibration system — will be thrilled with this combo. Are you fed up with the wrinkled clothes your old RV washer/dryer combo saddled you with? Choose this unit, instead!

Clothes hanging to dry outdoor while RVing

How Does a RV Washer Dryer Combo Work?

That depends on whether you opt for a vented or ventless combo.

A vented RV washer and dryer combo is going to be (much) more compact than similar units designed for the home market, but works in pretty much the same way. The user loads their laundry into the unit, being very careful not to exceed the load capacity, adds water and laundry detergent (not too much!) and selects their preferred program. Options will vary from one combo unit to another. The washer/dryer will then run the wash cycle. Once the drying program begins, these vented combos make use of the air in the room to dry the laundry inside more effectively. The resulting steam leaves through the vent, which you have to install in your RV.

Ventless washer/dryer combos for RVs rely on the machine’s condensing chamber instead. This process takes longer, as well as using more water and electricity, but is more convenient for some RV setups.

Is an RV Washer and Dryer Worth It? How Well Do Washer Dryer Combos Work?

You could be asking this question because you live in an RV — full-time or for part of the year — and you currently rely on laundromats or truck stops to get your laundry clean and dry. You may also be using one of the many reliable, convenient, and effective portable washer/dryer units on the market already, or perhaps you have (or are considering getting) a stackable washer/dryer unit for your RV instead.

The answer depends on your situation.

A high-quality RV washer and dryer combo is a very significant upgrade from being dependent on laundromats or similar solutions. Once you have a washer/dryer combo installed in your RV, you’ll be able to do your laundry nearly any time. Compared to stackable units, meanwhile, combos tend to save a lot of space.

Most RV-ers will find that a washer/dryer combo makes their life significantly easier, and would rate them as more than worth it. Good washer and dryer combos can wash and dry your laundry very well, so long as you are mindful of the load capacity.

A lady motorhome owner doing laundry and hanging washing on her bike rack to dry

What To Look For in an RV Washer-Dryer Combo?

So, you’re in the market for a new RV washer/dryer combo? If you’ve never bought one, here are some things to consider as you shop around.

  • Size. This one speaks for itself; space in your RV is precious, and any potential washer/dryer combo you look at should fit into your “space budget”.
  • Cost. How much are you able and willing to invest? Once you have a number, look at the best possible RV washer/dryer combos within your budget.
  • Load capacity. Being much more compact, RV washers and dryers have a lower load capacity as well. This means that you will have to do your laundry more often. If being able to wash more at once is essential to you, perhaps because you live in an RV with your family, look for combos with a higher load capacity.
  • Energy efficiency and water savings. Look for models that have favorable energy ratings and water-saving features.
  • Noise. Living in an RV, you don’t want a very loud washer/dryer combo that prevents you from going about your life while you’re running a load of laundry.
  • Durability. Look for RV washer and dryer combos that have been shown to stand the test of time.

RV Washer and Dryer Combo FAQs

How Much Do RV Washer and Dryers Weigh?

The total weight of RV washer and dryer combos varies significantly. Because this is an important consideration to any RV-er, the weight of the unit is likely to be among the first thing you investigate about an RV washer and dryer combo. If you choose a portable washer/dryer, it may weigh as little as 26 lbs. RV washer/dryer combos weigh more, generally around 150 lbs, while stackable units will be even heavier.

Can You Install a Washer and Dryer in an RV?

If you have sufficient space in your RV and your vehicle’s floor plan makes it possible, then yes. You can install a stacklable and front-loading washer and dryer combination in your RV. Your RV probably already has built-in cabinets for washer/dryer units, and you’ll want your new washer and dryer to be able to fit inside.

The installation process depends on the model you buy and whether the washer/dryer is vented or unvented. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and — if you opt for a washer/dryer that’s already much-loved in the RV community — look for YouTube videos where RV-ers who bought the same model show you how to install it.

Do Stackable Washer and Dryers Need a Vent?

Not necessarily. Many stackable washer and dryer units are vented, but ventless models are also on the market.

Preventing Mold and Mildew if You Have an RV Washer Dryer Combo

Front-loading washer and dryer combinations naturally remain moist after use, and need to be left open to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which thrive in any high-humidity environment and can proliferate scarily quickly. It’s crucial to air these washer/dryers. If leaving the door open creates space problems, the best tip would be to do this at night, while you’re asleep.

Ventless washer/dryer combos add moisture to your RV every time you run them, which can also attract mold and mildew. Consider investing in a dehumidifier.

How Do I Keep My Clothes From Wrinkling in All in One Washer Dryer?

Regardless of the the all-in-one washer/dryer model they’ve bought, countless folks complain that RV living (and laundering) and wrinkled clothes seem to share a fated and rather unwelcome connection. It doesn’t need to be that way. The single most important thing you can do to keep your clothes from wrinkling is to take the unit’s load capacity very seriously. Your combo can launder more clothes than it can dry, so run smaller loads. Opt for lower drying temperatures, and where possible, line dry your clothes outside while they are just moist enough for this to iron out those wrinkles naturally.

Can I Run Both Washer and Dryer at the Same Time?

If you have a washer and dryer combo, your machine will run its drying program after the laundry cycle is finished. With stackable washer and dryer units, you’ll be able to run both washer and dryer at the same time.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re after a washer/dryer combo for your RV, would prefer a stackable unit, or a portable washer and dryer is more convenient for your setup, high-quality units that rival home washer/dryer units are on the market. You may pick one of the five units we looked at, or do further research to determine which RV washer and dryer best fits into your lifestyle. Either way, pay close attention to the machine’s dimensions and weight, its energy ratings, and reviews from RV-ers who have extensive experience with the same model.

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