Best RV Mattress: Sleep Like A Baby In Your RV

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Sleep is an important part of life and ensuring that we’re getting a quality rest comes predominantly from the mattress that we sleep on.

When you’re traveling in an RV you might assume that this quality has to be sacrificed somewhat, but the modern designs of RV mattresses mean you no longer have to give up anything when it comes to luxury.

An RV mattress is one that’s been made specifically for these traveling motor homes and therefore it requires a special type of product to be the right fit.

There are mattresses available for all kinds of travelers and in all kinds of budgets so you’ll be able to get one that suits your RV to a tee, promising you a sound sleep even when you’re on the road.

The two main categories to choose from is a full-size RV mattress or king size RV mattress, and the smaller RV short queen mattress, and within each of these selections is a number of features to consider.

This buying guide aims to make that process a little easier with in-depth reviews of both and our recommendations for the top performers, so you can ensure your next RV adventure is one of comfort and luxury.

The 5 Best RV Mattresses


Dynasty Mattress Gel Queen

Best Short Queen

The best of the best queen RV mattresses are usually those that cost a little more, and anyone who’s slept on a Dynasty Mattress Gel Queen will probably agree it’s worth it.

This queen size RV mattress is made with four layers including high-density memory foam and has a medium firm feel to suit more body types and comfort levels, but has a surprisingly reasonable price tag attached.

According to customers, the Dynasty Mattress Gel Queen offered superior support and comfort compared to others they’d tried out.

With the four different layers, it felt just as supportive as a bed at home and it was so easy to set up without any blowing or anything required.

The inclusion of gel beads into one of the layers is where this mattress gets its name and judging by the reviews it’s also what helps it to feel so soft.

The worst thing that customers mentioned about this memory foam RV mattress is that it didn’t always fill up all the way, with some people finding a few soft spots even after they’d left it a while to inflate.

You may need to make adjustments to the mattress to let it air out completely and fill up otherwise it could be a bit uncomfortable in the night.

Other notable features include the white cover made with brown suede that’s completely removable and machine washable for easy cleaning.

This mattress is made with Sleep Cool technology so it’s totally breathable in warmer climates, and it’s a medium firm feel to suit just about any comfort level.

The Dynasty Mattress Gel Queen tops our queen size mattress reviews thanks to its comfort, support, and ease of use, and you can purchase it through Amazon for around $400 for the best price we’ve found online.

You’ll get a massive 20-year limited warranty and 120 day trial period to try and return it if you choose, so you can tell before it even arrives that it’s made with the highest level of quality.

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Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

To equip your RV with a premium short queen mattress size bed, the Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress is a great option.

Made with three special layers and deluxe memory foam infill you’ll get a seriously comfortable sleep in your RV. This 8” mattress also comes in a 10” size and weighs around 41lbs so it’s one of the lighter options around.

The best thing about this mattress is how well it plumps up when you’re able to give it enough time. For an RV foam mattress, it’s seriously soft and luxurious, and you’ll be surprised at the comfort level.

People also loved how it didn’t have a chemical smell like some other RV mattresses had and you can start using it straight away once it’s been fully expanded.

This is an expensive choice and considering it’s only 8” with an extra cost to upgrade to the 10” model you can expect to spend more if you want those RV queen mattress dimensions.

This mattress is pretty plush even though it’s meant to be medium soft only, so don’t purchase it if you want something with a bit of firmness for support.

The Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress measures 60 x 74 x 8 inches and has three different layers including high-density foam, memory foam, and base support foam.

There’s no cover included so you’ll need to supply your own but the bed comes smartly shipped in a small package that’s ideal for travel, and when you want to use it just take it out and leave it for 72 hours.

To get this mattress for your RV, you can head to Amazon for the lowest price online of around $1,300.

It comes with a limited 10-year warranty which vouches for its quality and if you want something larger you can upgrade to the 10” design instead.

Although expensive, it’s worth it for those who want plushness in their RV memory foam mattress, so if you can afford to spend a little more you should.

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Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re after a more affordable queen mattress for your RV, Zinus also makes budget-friendly options.

The Zinus Ultima is another memory foam option for our queen mattress reviews that features three separate layers to give you comfort in your RV.

Measuring 74 x 60 x 8 inches it’s got ample space for two adults and it weighs around 42lbs which makes it easy to transport as needed.

The positive reviews on this mattress all mentioned how high quality the materials and construction were was for the price, so if you don’t want to slum it and still need a firm but comfortable place to rest at night this is the way to go.

As long as you set it up within 72 hours of receiving the package, as the manufacturer recommends, you should have no issues getting it to just the right level of support and ready to go in your RV.

On the downside, there was mention of a slight chemical odor to the mattress which could easily take over your RV.

Some people also said it was a little too hard for them to get comfortable, but again it depends on your personal preference and what you’re used to with your mattress at home.

Those who like plushness won’t be appreciative of this one, so keep shopping if you need something soft.

The Zinus Ultima is made with three different layers including base support, memory foam, and comfort foam, each playing their own role in the mattress.

The mattress arrives fully compressed for easy shipping and within just 48 hours it should be fully inflated and ready to use.

You’ll have to purchase a short queen cover separately to keep it protected, but thanks to a long warranty you don’t have to worry about quality.

The 10-year warranty included with this mattress is even more impressive considering it costs under $400 when you shop on Amazon.

For something in this price range, it’s got a lot to offer so if you like the Zinus brand but don’t have a lot to spend, the Ultima Memory Foam Queen Mattress won’t steer you wrong.

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Live and Sleep Classic Mattress in a Box

If you’ve been searching for RV mattresses short queen size and feel like everything is out of your limited price range, the Live and Sleep Classic Mattress in a Box could be the answer to your problems.

This budget-friendly two layer memory foam mattress is great for an RV and it comes with a bonus memory foam pillow to complete the setup.

At first glance, there’s no evidence that this mattress costs as little as it does, and there are plenty of premium features that make it worthy, according to customers.

It’s made with two layers including nontoxic, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic materials and the Certi-Pur US certified memory foam. These premium materials can be found in more expensive brands so there’s no need to worry about its quality.

This mattress is meant to be 8” but most reviewers claim it doesn’t come close, so keep in mind that it can feel a little thin.

Even after a few days of leaving it to inflate it still didn’t reach the size it was meant to and felt a bit flimsy to lay on compared to the more expensive models but this is probably to be expected for something in this price range.

Fitted with a flex linen cover that can be easily removed for cleaning and including a memory foam pillow with each mattress, there’s plenty more on offer than just the bed.

This mattress weighs a hefty 55lbs which is more than most and the dimensions measure 80 x 60 x 8 so it’s a little larger than other short queens we’ve reviewed.

Live and Sleep offer a 30 day trial to test out the mattress and a massive 10-year warranty which is astonishing for something in this price range.

The Live and Sleep Mattress in a Box can be purchased at Amazon for around $230 for the queen size with plenty of other options available, so if you want something cheap but comfortable this is the way to go.

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Dynasty Mattress
Cool Breeze

Best King

Our top find in the king mattress reviews has to be the Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze thanks to its mid-range price and quality four-layer construction.

This is the best choice for a king RV mattress and it measures 80 x 76 x 12 inches and weighs a massive 100lbs, so you can feel straight away just how well made it is.

Featuring Certi-PUR US certified foam and cooling materials it’s perfect for an RV that can sometimes get stuffy and uncomfortable in the night.

According to customers, the quality of this mattress is something that stays around for many years.

Along with a seriously impressive 30-year warranty, those who had been using this mattress for more than a few years say that it still hadn’t changed shape and was just as firm and comfortable as the very first day they laid on it.

There’s no base included in this mattress so you’ll want to make sure you have something set up in your RV to accommodate.

Some reviewers found it hard to get in and because of the 100lbs weight it took more effort than most, so make sure you have someone helping you in the initial stages of installing your new mattress.

There are four unique layers in the Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze RV Mattress including 3” of gel foam, cool airflow foam, and high-density memory foam.

All of these work together to make a firm mattress that is cooling in warmer climates, and it comes with a removable and washable suede cover and two bonus memory foam pillows.

With a lengthy 30-year warranty and 120 day trial period, paying just under $500 for this on Amazon seems like a great bargain.

The Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze is firm but luxurious, it sets up on its own in 48 hours, and has plenty of extras that you don’t usually find in this price range, so it’s the number one choice for those needing a quality king size RV mattress.

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An Introduction to RV Mattresses

A brand new RV Mattress

Having somewhere comfortable to sleep is important wherever you are, and especially when you’re traveling on the road in your RV.

However, choosing a mattress made for your motor home specifically requires a few different key features that you have to be aware of to make the right choice.

An RV mattress should arrive compressed so that it can be set up easily, and most will have an auto-inflating mechanism which means you can leave them in place and they’ll fill up with air over time.

The standard wait time is around 48 hours but it can take longer, so if you want to avoid blowing anything up or going through a lengthy setup process this is a must-have.

The two main sizes of RV mattresses are king and short queen, and this will depend entirely on the size of your RV and dimensions of the sleeping area.

Make sure you measure the space before you decide on a size and also take into consideration the firmness of the mattress. Some prefer plushness over firmness or vice versa, and just like regular mattresses, these RV styles come in varying levels of softness.

A good RV mattress should also be covered by a lengthy warranty period, just like you’d expect from your mattress at home.

At a minimum, 10 years of warranty is an indication of a quality bed but this can extend beyond 30 years or more. Also keep an eye out for a trial period that lets you test the mattress to see if you like how it feels and fits, with no penalty for returning it within this timeframe if you need to.

Common FAQs About RV Mattresses

Buying a new RV mattress or replacing your old one is a pretty serious investment so it requires a lot of knowledge to make sure you get it right.

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about RV mattresses to help you in your search, and give you the basics about shopping for this important purchase for your motor home.

RV Mattresses On Show

Can You Use A Regular Mattress In An RV?

While there may be some mattresses that can fit in an RV it’s generally not recommended to use them.

The RV sizing of these specialty mattresses means they’ve been custom made to fit on the bed base in your motor home and also designed to inflate automatically once they’re in place so that you can easily maneuver them through the vehicle.

What Is The Difference Between An RV And A Regular Mattress?

The most obvious difference between RV and regular mattresses is the sizing, and even though they may be labeled ‘king’ or ‘queen’ the measurements are different to standard sizes.

Other distinctive features include their round edges or custom shapes that make them better fitting and self-inflating mechanisms built in to help with installation.

What Do RV King And Queen Mean?

An RV king mattress measures around 72 x 80 inches with a few inches variation and their thickness can vary between 8 and 10 inches.

An RV queen mattress or short queen measures 60 x 75 inches with some variations and has a thickness of between 8 to 10 inches.  They’re slightly narrower and shorter than standard mattresses so that they can fit comfortably inside the RV.

RV King And Queen Difference

How Thick Is An RV Mattress?

There are varying levels of thickness in an RV mattress but the two most common sizes are 8 inches and 10 inches.

Thinner mattresses start at five inches but these are usually single layer foam designs, whereas multiple layer mattresses made with materials like memory foam can measure up to 10 inches in thickness and usually offer more support.

How To Clean RV Mattress?

Some RV mattresses come with a removable cover that is machine washable, so taking this off and cleaning it every few months is required.

This should be done in addition to the weekly changing of sheets and mattress protectors that cover it. For a deeper clean, you can deflate the mattress and remove it from the RV to vacuum it and wipe it down before returning it inside.

Sleeping in Luxury Even on the Road

Some people assume that sleeping in an RV means slumming it to some degree, but when you have the right RV mattress that just isn’t the case.

As somewhere we spend a third of our time even when we’re traveling on the road, choosing a supportive and comfortable base to lay your head is so important no matter where you are.

These RV mattresses represent some of the best on the market and no matter your budget you’ll be able to find something that ticks all of the boxes.

A quality RV mattress will last for over 10 years so it’s a serious investment if you own a motor home and one that deserves a lot of thought.

RV mattresses have their own unique requirements but they don’t have to be a challenge to shop for, thanks to these amazing finds we’ve uncovered and the many happy customers who have used them for years.

A good mattress and perfectly fitted RV bed sheets and bedding will make the world of difference in your travels and it’s something that every RV owner deserves to have.

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