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RV Classes



Types of RVs in 4 Paragraphs


This classification comprises all kinds of travel trailers, including 5th. Wheels and Toy Haulers. By far the largest RV segment, prices range from a few  thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands. There is a trailer for every budget. After all I always like say that … the RV is just the vehicle… what sticks in your memory is rather the scenery, camaraderie and company you are with.⇒
 The Class A motorized  RVs, look somewhat like fancy buses (not as many windows as the buses though) well known for its luxury, comfort, and why not to say it; high price. Usually purchased by experienced RVers, and often by retired couples who are going to spend long time away from home; better yet, their motorhome is their new home.⇒
Strangely enough, the Class B and B+ are not the intermediate size motorhomes… they are the -smallest of them all, built on a cargo Van, usually do not go over 19 to 20 feet… They have everything you can imagine, generators, fridges, comfortable beds. (for up to 3 people) awnings. great sound systems and they are easy to park while very economical.                                    ⇐
 This is the most popular of the motorhomes, it is a family oriented configuration. it is built on a truck chassis and carry bunk beds on top of the cabin. It sleeps up to 8 people and is very easy to drive. Class C price range; from mid 30’s to mid 80’s thousand dollars and many second hand units are present in the market.


Class A Motorhomes


Class A Diesel

 Powerful, lots of amenities, residential appliances, marble counter-tops, fire places and whirlpool pools in some cases. However, with that luxury, comes a price accordingly. The diesel Class A has more power to tow than its gas counterpart.




 Class A Gas

 The gas Class A, also offer lots of the same amenities as the Diesel category, larger spaces, luxurious as well, but the prices are not as high. Take a look at the variety we offer and do not hesitate to visit us for a personalized tour.                                             


Class B & B+ Mini Motorhomes

 Usually built on a Cargo Van, retrofitted with camping conveniences; a bed, bathroom, kitchen, dining table. In some instances called “vans conversion” or “camper vans.” Although this sub-category is only partially setup for camping. 
 A van-conversion may have a bed and a fridge (no bathroom) and a camper-van may be equipped with several seats for traveling, which may be flattened into a bed, they are not a self-contained Class B mini motorhome. B+ is just slightly larger,

Navion by Winnebago
Gemini by Thor
Travato by Winnebago
Era by Winnebago

Class C


Class C motorhomes considered the “family motorhome” is the most popular of them all, there are virtually hundreds of thousands of them on the market. and virtually there are Class C’s from every price and for every budget. They are often based on the popular Ford E450 engine, chassis, and cabs.
Dodge and Chevy are other popular choices. A large Class C may be based on a larger truck such as a Ford F650. They are characterized by a distinctive cab-over profile, the “cab-over” containing a bed or an “entertainment” section. Sleeps from 5 to 10 people depending on length and floorplan.

Towable and Truck Campers

Travel Trailers

Towed behind a road vehicle, provides a place to sleep,  more comfortable and protected than a tent; Becomes your home on a journey or a vacation.


5th. Wheels

Towed by a pickup or mid-size truck, with a special hitch (named 5th. Wheel), which is mounted to the frame of the truck through the bed over the rear axle, and as such, the truck carry the weight, very comfortable to maneuver.


Toy Haulers

They have large storage, good for a couple of small 4 wheelers or mini motorcycles. tow behind or 5th wheels; the latter usually has a rear garage for bigger toys, like; Quads, snowmobiles, motorcycles and more.


Truck Campers

They are a great alternative to a motorhome, as the camper is removable to allow full pickup truck usage; they are great for back country exploring. The camper is mounted on the bed of  the truck, they usually are 18 to 21 feet in length, including the truck.


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Feature RV’s

In our constant exploring of the RV world, we come face to face with RV exclusives and sometimes one of a kind RV that we may dime worthy to share it with you. this section will list them and a brief story behind it. The purpose is mere educational, curiosity sharing I guess… I hope you find them interesting to say the least.  Cheers!

Is it real or is it a fantasy product? It has triggered my curiosity and will unveil the truth.  By tomorrow I’ll know more… Its one of those designs, probably European. I’ll keep you posted.


Now, this is real, its a very sturdy Class C 4 WHEEL DRIVE if not the only one, certanly the best 4 wheel drive there is. The Adventurer 4 will take you everywhere you always wanted but couldn’t in a regular Class C. This is the real deal when you are accustomed to see things from above.

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